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Each spring and Summer, the Centre arranges intensive, week-long languages courses for adult learners. The teaching is delivered by experienced tutors and lecturers that specialise in teaching Welsh as a second language.

Our intensive courses are ideal for those who wish to learn and speak Welsh in a short period of time. By the end of the courses, learners will have a thorough understanding of language, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation patterns. An emphasis is put on developing an ability to express oneself in order to raise self-confidence, fluency and the ability to use the language outside the classroom.

Each individual is given personal attention within small classes with the emphasis being on working in pairs and in groups. We always strive to make the learning experience fun and challenging so that the individual is motivated to work hard and achieve results! The students all share the same goal of realising the dream of being able to speak the language fluently. Of course, the fact that the University is situated in a Welsh-speaking area offers learners a unique opportunity to practice their Welsh. The courses are accredited university courses.

The perfect way to learn Welsh; where one can immerse oneself in the language.

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