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Language Improvement Modules

Provision / Courses

The Centre has developed and provides language learning courses and language improvement courses to students and staff members within the University, and it plays a key role in providing language improvement courses to students in Yr Athrofa, which is the Faculty of Education at the University.

The Centre teaches modules for welsh language medium students on the BA Education course and SAC, as well as language improvement session for PGCE students looking to go ino both the primary and secondary teaching streams in Yr Athrofa. The centre is also responsible for the secondary PGCE ‘Cynllun Gwella’ (Improvement Plan). The Centre has also been providing teaching opportunities to all Welsh language medium students on the PGCE course in the secondary school stream at Yr Athrofa.

The Centre has also developed 5 credit modules that are available to students at the University, in an agreement between academic departments, in order to improve their Welsh language skills in the workplace. There are two modules available, one for non-Welsh speaking students and one for Welsh speakers and they concentrate on raising the students’ awareness of the Welsh language in the workplace and how to use it professionally.

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