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This is a pioneering course that is offered to prospective sub-titlers. The increasing use of audio-visual materials used in our everyday lives has lead to a massive increase in the need for sub-titling in recent years.

The course is a natural progression for individuals that have done some translation work and want to develop their personal skills, or individuals who are considering developing a career in this field. The Certificate was designed in conjunction with subtitling companies and professional broadcasters.

The outside partners will be contributing widely to the qualification, by educating and offering work placement opportunities. This is a qualification that combines good working paratices and valuable experiences in the workplace with academic but practical sessions on campus at Lampeter.

Many essential skills in the field are introduced and various aspects of programming are considered, such as vocal speed, separating sub-titles, the use of vocal imperatives, rhythm and so on. Training is also offered in the field of linguistic principles and essential technical skills in order to be able to provide live sub-titling and live cueing.

The practical element of the module will concentrate on developing the students’ confidence as they attempt to put the craft of sub-titling to work under instruction by the tutor.

There will also be a focus on practical workshops in a professional environment so that students can grasp the necessities of sub-titling. This program combines theory and practice by offering two specialised streams and gives students the opportunity to take advantage of placement and professional sub-titling companies.

A Competence is developed in a wide range of occupational and transferable skills including collecting information, developing personal innovations and time management, analytical thinking, the ability to recognise problems and ways of solving them.

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