Every spring and summer, the Centre organises intense language courses for adult learners.  The course is provided by experiences lecturers and tutors who specialise in teaching Welsh as a second language.


You will acquire a full understanding of the language, its grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation patterns. There will be an emphasis on developing your communicative effectiveness, helping you develop your confidence, fluency and ability to use the language outside the classroom. Small classes ensure a high level of individual attention with emphasis given to pair and group work.


We try to make the learning experience fun and challenging at all times, to motivate you to work hard and get results! You will be in a group of students who share the same goal of wanting to achieve fluency and success in Welsh.


We have computer facilities for individuals staying on campus and the University Library is available during normal opening hours for study purposes. Become part of a friendly, demanding, but enjoyable study environment – the perfect way to learn Welsh!